On December 10, base of Huana of rescuing center of lash-up of national water supply uncovers a card formally to move in Guangzhou. Base to works of water of positional Yuxi village, deploy 7 lash-up tow truck, water supply dimensions can achieve 480 stere / day, in the earthquake, big the natural disaster such as waterlogged, arid, mud-rock flow brings about 广州粤明休闲会所399广州粤明桑拿红牌56establishment of urban water supply cannot when water supply, can have lash-up water supply for 120 thousand person. The put into production of this base makes the water supply lash-up of Hua Na area saves aid 广州御龙池828技师 江南水湾休闲会所ability to get remarkable promotion, for big bay area construction pr海珠区纳尔顿国际水汇ovides effective safeguard.

The whole nation creates base of lash-up of 8 large water supply

Come to help to strengthen water supply of national meet an urgent need 广州人和金龙湾 体验金龙湾技师微信号ability, raise rescuing level of lash-up of town water supply, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction are 掌尚休闲会所番禺南浦有桑拿全套in our country China north, Hua Dong, China medium, Hua Na, northeast, southwest, northwest, Xinjiang 8 area, rely on the unit such as company of local water supply, build rescuing center of lash-up of national water supply, install area to maintain base. 10 days morning, wu of water of town of bureau of Wu of water of town of hall of urban and rural construction, Guangzhou, Guangzhou invests Guangdong province housing the relevant controller such as group limited company is Hua Naji ground to uncover a shop sign jointly. Come from base of lash-up of 8 large water supply in all more than 120 member witnesses this to uncover card ceremony jointly.

Guangdong province housing is urban and rural construction hall requirement, h广州竹怡堂娱乐场所竹怡堂休闲会地址ua Naji ground carries on the unit wants cogent assume a safeguard the important task that lash-up of water supply of Hua Na area comes to help, strengthen lash-up to equip to manage daily, ensure lash-up equip广州海上皇宫有什么服务ment can be called at any time; In the meantime, want to strengthen lash-up rescuing team to build, construction often has both only, the water玉龙阁里面有什么服务玉龙阁桑拿体验 supply lash-up of excel in of excellent, competence helps reaction delicacy, style of work rescue team.

Guangzhou town water joins a group relevant controller exp黄埔桑拿洗浴场所有哪些黄埔桑拿洗浴中心排名resses, limited company of group of investment of Wu of Guangzhou town water and limited company of Guangzhou town tap water will be cogent load case ” water supply of area of development of Wu of stimulative town water, safeguard is safe ” political responsibility, rely on Guangzhou water to cast group and water quality of national city water supply to monitor net Guangzhou to monitor the professional dominant position of the station, fulfil the obligation of rescuing job of lash-up of good water supply, strengthen lash-up to equip to manage daily, build with area place in all example drills in all, the means such as rescuing collaboration, had produced effect of each field force, build lash-up of firm water supply to save the strong line of defense that aid decreases calamity to provide disaster广州海之洲攻略客家王休闲会馆特服 relief.

The lash-up car that monitor can detect 145 index

Hua Na water supply to works of water of village of Yuxi of lash-up radica江南水湾有全套吗广州江南水湾有全套嘛l position, always invest many yuan 2000, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 2500 square metre. Base deploys 7 lash-up tow truck, include lash-up to ensure a car among them 1, clean sprinkler of movable type lash-up monitors a car 4 times with water quality 2. Water supply dimensions can achieve 480 stere / day, will be in earthquake, big the natural disaster such as waterlogged, arid, mud-rock flow brings about establishment of urban water supply cannot when water supply, have lash-up water supply, can offer for 120 thousand person water basically from what live the demand that transfers to use water to basic life. In the meantime, the spot that has index of water quality convention, microbial index, organic matter index and heavy metal index detects ability. Corresponding urgent facilities produces water to undertake detecting, restore water supply to offer water quality to monitor a service for stricken be h广州御龙池部长电话 金城休闲会所it by a natural adversity water works. Establishment of town water supply is caused in paroxysmal fountainhead contamination accident cannot when normal water supply, offer lash-up water quality to detect service, facilitating water works adjusts craft, provide urban lash-up water supply.

Introduce according to spot staff member, the water treatment system that clean sprinkler of movable type lash-up basically provides has coagulation pretreatment system, system exceeding filter, reverse osmosis system, alexipharmic system is disinfected by ultraviolet ray and chloric a disinfection two parts composition, this 广州海之洲328技师system design has stronger raw water adaptability, can treat tall turbidity water (≤ 4000NTU) , hard salt water (≤ of dissolvability total solid 2000mg/L) , water of small pollution water, Gao Zao water, microtherm low chaotic. The altogether of water quality project that lash-up monitors the system on the car to have a con广州东圃御豪水汇技师广州东圃御豪国际水会dition to be able to detect 145 index, enclothe basically ” standard of sanitation of life drinking water (GB 5749-2006) ” ” standard of quality of surface water environment (GB 3838-2002) ” ” groundwater quality standard (GB/T 14848-2017) ” wait for ma广州海之洲消费番禺钟村金桂湾水疗会in water standard and other project, for movable type lash-up the water quality giving water of clean sprinkler provided strong safeguard. Lash-up ensures a car to hav广州市齐富路天池桑拿e communication function, b盈通国际水会扫黄盈通水会消费ut couplet net large base and center of each commander in chief, quick implementation information is shared, return function of logistics of give attention to two or morethings, for lash-up rescuing staff member offers basic life to deploy, basic living conditions assures when sudden incident.

It is reported, rescuing center of lash-up of national water supply is radiation source with 8 large base, drive circumjacent area to promote lash-up to d番禺宝岛汇水疗宝岛汇有全套吗eal with further the professional level that come to help, promote our count新市附近桑拿广州洗浴会所寻欢记ry rush to deal with an emergency the capability that provide disaster relief significant广州全套会所广州会所一条龙服务ly. Rescuing center of water supply of national meet an urgent need can come true to be answered quickly below a variety of sudden incident, equipment of lash-up water supply can reach disaster area inside 12 hours after calamity, ability of the water supply after 24 hours times add, the largest space achieves 540 kilometers, service limits enclothes kilometer of 900 thousand square. In national level, this builds rescuing system of lash-up of town water supply to compose, establish mechanism of rescuing system of perfect lash-up water supply, stimulative area coordinates development and joint defence to be treated in all, realize the safe water supply below lash-up state, safeguard people lives, begin lash-up rush to deal with an emergency to provide disaster relief etc respect sense is great.